Michał Dynaś

Michał Dynaś

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Michał deals with business support and develops his competences in the field of restructuring and bankruptcy law, in order to obtain the qualification of a restructuring advisor.

On a daily basis, Michał supports entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive legal assistance in running a business, from sole proprietorships to public listed companies. He drafts and reviews contracts, analyzes the matter of fact and suggests legal solutions. He also deals with corporate law, in particular with the registration and transformation of commercial companies. Michał supports entrepreneurs in debt collection. He assists in disputes between the owners of neighbouring real estate plots, particularly in the issues involving the tort of nuisance. Together with legal counsels, he participates in court proceedings and enforcement proceedings. He serves entrepreneurs in the energy, construction, plastics, IT and automotive industries.


Additional activities

Michał understands business because he has experience in managing companies associated under commercial law. He represents our law firm in the BNI business organization, which is also a field for exchanging business experience.

Interests and hobbies

Michał is passionate about team sports, in particular football and volleyball. He also spends his free time mountain climbing and canoeing. He is interested in cuisine, mainly of the Mediterranean and Balkan regions. He is a dog lover.

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