Ochrona informacji danych

Information and data protection

Information is one of the driving forces of the economy. Proper distribution of information may allow the business to grow. On the other hand, improper protection of information, disclosure or non-compliance with legally established standards related to the administration of certain types of information may expose the enterprise to significant losses (also in the form of penalties). In order to minimize the risk, we help entrepreneurs to take proper care of the information they have. In particular, we help in the protection of personal data by implementing all necessary procedures, additionally protecting business secrets and helping to protect the know-how.

Zamówienia publiczne

Personal data protection

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We conduct audits and implement the necessary procedures, including: Privacy policy, Risk analysis, Internal regulations and procedures, Contracts with contractors and customers, Information clauses.

Gospodarka komunalna i inwestycje infrastrukturalne

Trade secret protection

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We provide legal assistance related to securing trade secrets against disclosure. In particular, we help identify information that should be treated as business secrets, introduce business secret protection policies, organize trainings, implement internal regulations regarding the protection of business secrets as well as all documents where the aim is to protect such information in relations with internal entities, such as employees, and external entities, such as customers and contractors.