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Employment and labour law

We help employers in the effective application of employment and labour law. We advise on everyday current issues and problems, as well as in the preparation of significant and/or long-term projects. We are actively involved in the negotiations with trade unions. We support HR departments in their daily duties and in creating documents.

Support for HR and payroll departments

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We draft all kinds of employee documentation related to the labour law and employment law, including: employment contracts, non-compete clauses, contracts on improving professional qualifications, non-disclosure agreements, contracts on entrusting property to an employee.

We advise on the preparation of the following documentation and on its subsequent implementation: Employment Regulations (Employee’s Handbook), Collective Labour Agreement, Remuneration and Bonus Regulations, Company’s Employee Benefit Fund Regulations, announcements and orders as required by the provisions of the Polish Labour Law, as well as internal policies, e.g. Anti-Harassment Policy or Anti-Corruption Policy.

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Trade unions

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We participate in the employer’s talks with trade unions, we provide assistance in negotiations including parleys and collective bargaining.

Foreigners and immigration

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We help in all matters related to the employment of foreigner nationals (advising the employer on the requirements and steps necessary to start cooperating with foreigners, assisting in filing applications, analyzing the current situation of the employer, supporting in the event of regulatory proceedings being initiated an under the Act on Employment Promotion and Labour Market Institutions).

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Employee Capital Plans

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We advise and assist in the preparation of documentation related to the implementation of the Employee Capital Plan program.

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We represent parties in court disputes, both in the fields of labour law and of social security.


Training in labour law

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We prepare and conduct training in the field of labor law, including the latest changes in regulations.

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Restructuring of companies

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We assist in the restructuring of companies, including individual dismissals and collective redundancies, and in employee transition processes pursuant to Article 231 of the Polish Labour Code. In the process of adjusting the structure of the companies to their current or future needs, we help, for instance, in the following areas:

  • preparation of recovery plans
  • we take part in the process of collective redundancies – from developing a strategy and establishing a timed roadmap, through negotiating with trade unions or employee representatives, meetings with Poviat Labour Offices, preparing the required documentation, to carrying out the redundancy process itself.
  • we also advise on individual dismissals of employees at all levels. We help determine whether in a given case it is at all possible to dismiss an employee or to change their employment conditions, and how to do it in the most safe and efficient way. We prepare or consult all related documents.

We also advise clients on preparing and implementing of the procedure of transferring the whole or a part of the employing enterprise to a new employer, drafting plans, letters to trade unions and employees, as well as explaining any doubts arising in this process, e.g. related to relocation or the validity of employment contracts.