Wsparcie biznesu

Business support

The goal of KTW.Legal is to help entrepreneurs run and develop their business. We offer legal support in all aspects related to the day-to-day functioning of enterprises. We help in relations with contractors and customers, as well as in the internal organization of the enterprise. We take care of the legal security of doing business, adequately to the risks taken by the entrepreneur.

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We draft both contract templates for repeated use and for later clarification by the client themselves, as well as customised contracts for specific circumstances and projects

  • We analyze the text, introduce changes and comments, offer support in contract negotiation and highlight potential risks.
  • We advise also during the execution of the contract.
  • We help create or assess the following contract types: sales, contract work, mandate, commission, rent and lease, confidentiality (NDA), execution of investment projects (including construction works), protection of intellectual property rights, copyright transfer, licensing and many others.
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Corporate service

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We provide ongoing legal advice for companies in all corporate matters, including services for company bodies. We help in the processes of establishing companies and offer a wide range of services concerning specific business and investment projects, as well as advise in the restructuring and transformation of enterprises. The scope of our services includes:

  • establishment and liquidation of companies, branches, agencies, foundations and associations,
  • ongoing legal service for business organisations,
  • advice on mergers, transformations and acquisitions of companies,
  • reporting concentration to antitrust authorities
  • conducting due diligence of entreprises,
  • assessment, preparation and negotiation of investment contracts, including those in international trade

Family businesses

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Family businesses often face additional challenges in doing business. Family relationships may help, but sometimes they complicate business operations. We provide legal support starting with the selection of the best form to operate your business, through internal organization of the entity, to planning and executing succession (the business owner leaving the company and handing it over – which may involve transferring the company to specific family members or external sales of the enterprise). In the last stage related to the company hand-over (the original owner’s exit), it is particularly important to plan the stages of succession and changes associated with the new owner, both in terms of creating a new company structure, as well as in the ways of delegating powers to the managers and employees.


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Virtually every manifestation of economic activity results in tax obligations for the entrepreneur. With our services, we ensure that these obligations are met properly. We take care of the tax-related security of deals and help appropriately plan each investment or business activity from the taxation viewpoint. We provide entrepreneurs with advice on VAT, CIT, PIT, civil law transactions tax (PCC), as well as other public-law obligations.