About us

We come from Silesia. The ethos of work, loyalty to the principles, professionalism, responsibility for decisions made, commitment – these are the values cherished in our company and the guiding criteria while choosing our team members.

We work for business people who mine for ideas and turnt hem into thriving companies active in industry, services or in the virtual world of IT. We have the ambition to be their best partners and advisors in business, taking care of their legal security, sharing advice, experience and best practice, and actively supporting the implementation of their tasks and goals.

We are constantly expanding our competencies by building teams specializing in specific areas of the law. We create a modern law firm that evolves and develops along with the changing circumstances and challenges. In the times when information is widely available, what counts are the experience, ability to identify and analyse risks and readiness to offer matching legal solutions. We understand business and we are open to new and creative ways of working. This is who we are. We make the law stand on the side of your business.

The main specializations of the law firm