Regardless of the industry, translating an idea into a business, securing financing and an adequate protection of this idea from competition may be difficult. At KTW.LEGAL, we help at all stages of start-up development from the idea to its deployment and scaling. As part of our services, we offer, for instance, selection of the optimal form of financing and the organizational form of doing business for a startup, as well as risk analysis, needs analysis and legal obligations analysis, regardless of the industry where the startup operates.

Raising capital

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We help in raising capital. From the legal point of view, we prepare and analyze the necessary documents (e.g. term sheet, investment agreement, partners’ agreement, articles of association, convertible loan agreements (convertible notes)). We offer support in the negotiation process, from initial talks up to investment completion. We also prepare start-ups for investor’s due diligence, which allows them to avoid or minimize obstacles to the entire transaction.

Usługi dodatkowe

Ongoing business activity

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We help by providing regular legal services for start-ups , including drawing up and negotiating investment agreements, drafting agreements and issuing legal opinions. We support companies participating in all kinds of acceleration programs, including negotiating contracts and terms of such a program.

Prawo pracy

Employee stock ownership plans

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We provide services in the preparation of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP). We are able to offer various models and solutions. We carry out the process of implementing such stock ownership plans.

Intellectual property

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We help in creating IP management strategies for start-ups, beginning with determining what and how may be protected, through drafting appropriate contracts or internal regulations protecting businesses in internal relations (with employees or subcontractors) and in external relations (with customers and contractors).

Nieruchomości i inwestycje/BUD

Business development and entry into international markets

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We help in business development and entering foreign markets, including the US market. We create the necessary structures (branches, foreign companies) for this purpose. We help in finding the right partners.