Spory sądowe i mediacja

Court disputes and mediation

We analyze and evaluate individual client cases and advise our clients on litigation and possible risks associated with it. We align on procedural tactics. We support our clients in actions aimed at amicable settlement of a dispute, and in the absence of such possibilities, we represent them in proceedings before all courts and instances. We assist in debt collection by representing clients in mediation, court, arbitration and enforcement proceedings.

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Court proceedings

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We litigate cases before common courts of law and administrative courts of law of all instances, as well as before the the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court, including amicable and arbitration proceedings (legal representation at every stage).

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Enforcement of receivables

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We deal with debt collection, in particular, we prepare requests for payment, as well as conduct and supervise the course of enforcement proceedings. We help secure claims during the trial.

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Arbitration and Mediation

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In addition to providing comprehensive legal support to our clients before the courts, we also help in arbitration proceedings or represent clients in mediation. Additionally, we support the so-called ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), i.e. methods of dispute resolution outside common courts. We assist in appearing before arbitration courts at organizations such as Lewiatan or the Polish Chamber of Commerce (KIG), as well as before international arbitration courts or dedicated arbitration courts (e.g. the Court of Arbitration for Internet Domain Names at the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications).