Usługi dodatkowe

Complementary services

We want to become our clients' partner in every aspect of their business. With this goal in mind, we offer a range of complementary services provided by KTW.Legal lawyers with other professionals:


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With whom we work in the field of criminal law and suspected tax offences – actively participating as defenders (often to the members of company authorities) in preparatory proceedings and criminal proceedings (also under private indictment of former contractors) and proceedings for tax liabilities (e.g. regarding the so-called carousel fraud, or lack of commercial due diligence), in proceedings for disqualification from engaging in business activity and for disqualification from performing functions in the authorities bodies of commercial companies. Moreover, in cooperation with attorneys we help in handling cases regarding family and guardianship law.

Tax advisors

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We advise on the planning and design of transactions and projects, restructuring of enterprises, their acquisition and disposal, and we also advise on transfer pricing in international trade and real estate transactions; we implement MDR procedures and procedures in the event of tax inspections, we manage tax risks, including implementation of tax-related compliance procedures.

Gospodarka komunalna i inwestycje infrastrukturalne


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We design and implement commercial transactions that are safe and secure for all parties, some of which legally require the presence of a notary because of the form of special legal deeds (including corporate activities) or because of their nature – such as activities related to real estate and investment. In the era of numerous delicts and disputes in the IT industry and on the internet – we secure notarized printouts from IT systems and websites.

Patent attorneys

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We conduct proceedings before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, we represent clients before common courts in cases related to industrial property law (including infringement of a trademark or patent). We advise on the client’s intellectual property protection strategy, and in cooperation with our partners we can assess the chances for protecting the invention (patentability).

Accounting specialists, HR specialists, HR and accounting offices

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In the area of accounting and HR services for our clients, we can provide full support to newly created entities, plan the implementation of business ventures, start-ups and spin-offs, and additionally design the transactions and implementation, e.g. in the scope of IAS. Moreover, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of labour and employment law and in payroll settlements, we provide support in any complex projects; 

Translators and interpreters, including certified court translators

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As we realize that running a business more and more often implies foreign relations, our lawyers are fluent in English, which allows us to help you in most transactions on international markets. However, in the specific instances of the client, industry or country, linguistic support is often required in other languages than English. The translators and interpreters who work with us can help with the translation of any documents, including technical documentation or court documentation, as well as participate in business negotiations and presentations, providing simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.