In the era of modern technologies, digital society and rapid information exchange, intellectual property law and information technology law (also known as "cyberlaw") are important elements of legal security in companies. We provide services that adequately secure the interests of companies active in modern technology, as well as of enterprises conducting more traditional activities, in such a way that the intellectual property rights of the enterprise are properly secured.


Strategy for Intellectual Property Management

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We help in creating IP management strategies for enterprises, starting with determining what and how may be protected, through drafting appropriate contracts or internal regulations protecting businesses in internal relations (with employees or subcontractors) and in external relations (with customers and contractors).

Ochrona informacji danych

IP Protection (intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark, utility model, industrial design protection, patent)

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We help to protect IP by, for instance, registering trademarks in patent offices, and by drafting relevant contracts or internal regulations securing the freedom to exploit various industrial and intellectual property rights.

Gospodarka komunalna i inwestycje infrastrukturalne


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We draft contracts, including but not limited to the following types:

  • regulations on the use of utility models, trademarks and other assets protected by industrial property rights
  • creation of works protected by copyright and protection of rights to such works
  • licenses to use various types of intellectual property rights (e.g. software licenses)
  • creation of a website, including the transfer of copyright

We protect against unfair competitors

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We prepare a comprehensive IP protection strategy and in case of IPR infringement we challenge and sue unfair competitors. We help to design procedural tactics and secure evidence related to unfair activities. We litigate cases concerning protection of ideas, concepts, inventions and other assets creating intellectual property rights.


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We help in creating regulations on the provision of electronic services for various types of websites and web applications. In addition, we draft contracts for the creation of websites, web portals and dedicated mobile applications. In more complex IT projects, we help in drafting software development contracts, including deployment contracts and contracts for agile methodology projects.