Bartłomiej Medaj

Bartłomiej Medaj

Managing partner
Legal Counsel
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He specializes in business support, including contracts and corporate services, projects regarding mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, as well as real estate and investments. He advises entrepreneurs on start-up and acquisition projects in many markets.

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Sample projects

On a daily basis, he advises entrepreneurs in designing projects and estimating legal risks, from innovative industrial and start-up projects to traditional industries. He advises foreign enterprises investing in the Polish market.

He has participated in many transactions regarding the creation and acquisition of enterprises, mergers and acquisitions. He has also advised entrepreneurs in restructuring processes, both in bankruptcy proceedings and in organizational and legal transformations. As a litigator, he has participated in many court proceedings in the construction and technology industry. He has experience in advising on large construction and infrastructure projects as well as in the IT industry.


Additional activities

Bartłomiej passionately manages and develops our law firm. He is an advocate of building relationships and networking as solid foundations for business. He educates entrepreneurs associated in non-governmental and networking organizations. He has an affinity for engineering and has a good understanding of the industry and design work.

Member of the Academic Society of the Allerhand Institute, he has completed his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia; member of the Association “Family Enterprise Association”, a participant in many promising start-up projects, a huge IT-fan.

Interests and hobbies

Bartłomiej is a guitarist himself, founding member of the Polish Blues Association, an admirer of music in general and most of the guitar music – from blues, through jazz and flamenco to electronic genres. In his spare time, apart from playing and exploring music, he enjoys skiing and rollerblading. He started his adventure with golf.

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