Agnieszka Sobota

Agnieszka Sobota

Managing partner
Legal Counsel
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Agnieszka specializes in employment law, labour law and social security law. She advises entrepreneurs on a daily basis on how to safely and efficiently conduct business as an employer. She supports business, especially industry and large enterprises, in structuring the operations and, if necessary, restructuring of the enterprises in terms of employment.

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Sample projects

Agnieszka advises employers on everyday HR matters, and conducts significant and long-term projects, i.e. related to the design of organization structure, implementation of remuneration policies and systems, Employee Capital Plans, company restructuring, and also takes part in resolving collective bargaining or conducting collective redundancies. She gets actively involved in negotiations with trade unions, conducts training sessions on the latest changes in the labour law and represents parties in litigation regarding employment, labour and social security law. She understands the business perspective and approaches her tasks with openness and commitment.


Additional activities

Agnieszka manages our law firm’s employee-related matters to finances, takes care of the balance and atmosphere of this place so that everyone on the team feels comfortable. She is involved in individual pro bono cases, in extremely difficult people’s life matters in the fields of employment, labour and social security.

Interests and hobbies

Agnieszka is a connoisseur of a good life – apart from work, she devotes her time to her family and, on the border between day and night, she finds time for a good conversation and a walk, and also reads books, bakes, takes pictures, cares for flowers, plans trips and beautiful moments, loves the sea and the forest.  

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